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Choose a Mortgage: Loan Options

Loan Options

Overwhelmed by your options? You don't have to be. Develop a "3-D" picture of yourself. It will help you to determine where you stand in the loan landscape.

Delve Into Your Past

Know your credit and employment history.

Determine Your Present

How much can you spend? What kind of place would you like to call home?

Define Your Future

Based on what you know about your past employment history, try to project what your income level might be 1-3 years, 5-10 years, and 15-30 years down the road. You should also consider future family growth, because the loan you choose today can affect your life tomorrow.

Take a few moments to pause and reflect on these questions. Then you can explore our various loan options on your own or use our Loan Consultant to help find the answers you need.



Get Pre-Approved

Get Pre-approved!While it really doesn't matter why you need a new house, it does matter how you go about purchasing it. The first step is getting Pre-Approved. Take the worry out of financing and click here for all the details.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse MortgagesA Reverse Mortgage is a unique loan that allows homeowners age 62 years and older to convert part of the equity in their home into monthly income or cash without having to sell the home, give up title, or take on additional monthly mortgage payments. Click to learn more.

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